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Statin Adverse Effects

Statin Adverse Effects: Implications for the Elderly
Written by Beatrice A. Golomb, M.D., Ph.D. ~ Evidence suggests the balance of benefits to risks may be less favorable in the elderly: Cholesterol becomes a less potent predictor of cardiovascular problems, and adverse reactions from drugs, including statins, may become more prominent.

General Information

AARP ~ Health & Wellness ~ Message Boards
Various topics

Guide for Families ~ Family Questions: The First Thirty Days
Emotional Issues: Introduction ~ Guilt. Resentment. Confusion. Relief. All of these and more are common and understandable reactions to a family member moving into a nursing facility.

Long Term Care
Your guide to planning, preparing, and paying for long term care - for yourself or for a loved one. Sponsored by the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living, provides consumers with needed information about long term care.

Medicare Rights Center (formerly Medicare Beneficiaries Defense Fund) Medicare counseling hotline and informational pamphlets

Medicines & Older Adults
Brochure includes tips on " How to Prevent Drug Side Effects", "Easy Ways to Take Medicine"," Questions to Ask Your Doctor or Pharmacist", "How to Save Money on Medicines " ~ FDA

National Institute on Aging
Covers a wide range of topics including specific diseases or health conditions to treatments and research.

Prescription Drugs Interactions
Are there special precautions for seniors? ~ Short article on "Today's Seniors" website. Site features: Health & Fitness, Medicare, Discounts for Seniors


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